Joey McConnell-Farber
Role: Team captain, driver, designer, engineer, web designer
Born: 3rd September, 1991, Alexandria, West Dunbartonshire, Scotland
Residence: Lancaster, Lancashire, England
Other interests: 1980s pop music, geology, science fiction, Formula One motor racing, cricket, old computers, board and video games, anime, travel
Contact: (email), @joey_picus (twitter)

For most purposes, at least until recently, "Team Picus" and all related terms are more or less synonymous with myself, as captain, driver, builder, general annoyance and frequent neglector of train tickets. I don't have an engineering background - I studied Earth Science at university - and I try and make up for lack of knowledge through enthusiasm and designing robots that at least look good (whether I've succeeded is left up to you, the reader!). I'm also - at least away from robotics - quite shy, although I'm trying to work on that...

I've been a fan of Robot Wars almost since the very beginning - my first, vivid memory is of watching Mortis putting holes in Leighbot early in the first television series - and after losing interest through the later, more theatrical series and the show's cancellation, I belatedly discovered the online robotic combat community in 2007 and plucked up the courage to become involved a year later, making my debut at Antweight World Series 29 in 2009 with the first, hastily built, Jigsaw. Suffice to say (as people who read the earlier, far more self-aggrandising version of this page will know), I've lived the childhood dream non-stop since then, and have robotics to thank for virtually all that is good in my life.

Tracy McConnell-Farber
Role: Driver, designer, engineer, moral support, artist
Born: 11th May, 1988, Flin Flon, Manitoba, Canada
Residence: Lancaster, Lancashire, England
Other interests: Drawing, music, internet, anime, *lots* of video games
Contact: @alteiriaa (twitter)

I'm the other other part of the team that's not Joey. I also don't know much about engineering, but I've always liked science (even if my marks for it, like my other classes, were objectively terrible) and the idea of robots fighting each other since I saw Robot Wars/Robotica/Battlebots on the TV. I moved around a lot when I was younger, so I didn't get to watch much, but the idea always stuck with me as a Fun Thing To Do One Day Maybe.

So here I am, doing that One Day Maybe thing.

Role: Team mascot, conscience, moral support, foxgirl
Born: 20th February, 2008, cyberspace
Residence: Joey's brain
Other interests: Posing, the outdoors, stammering, worrying, avoiding confrontation, hiding, anti-foxhunting demonstrations
Contact: Carefully, in hushed tones

Gabriel is the team mascot, born out of Joey's earliest serious attempts at designing a robot in 2008. Assisted a little by the pen of Tracy, Gabriel the character came into being in about 2011, and currently serves as an invaluable source of moral support, second opinions, and illustrations of concepts such as "welcome to the website", "safety cover", and "tactical retreat".

She enjoys combat robotics, video games, and pancakes (with berries and maple syrup), and dislikes unsolicited petting, plane travel, and being confused for the heavyweight robot by Craig Colliass (who is a good bloke, but let it be on the public record she predates it by a couple of years!).