Robotic combat, as seen on television's Robot Wars and BattleBots by millions of people around the world, is a modern-day bloodsport featuring radio controlled fighting vehicles in battles to the death. Competitions are arranged within weight classes, of which the "Antweights" - defined in Europe as a robot weighing a maximum of 150 grams, fitting completely within a four inch (101.6mm) cube - are the third smallest.

The founder of the weight class is Adam Clark, of Robot Wars' "Corporal Punishment" and "259" fame, who in 1998 concieved a class of robot that could be fought almost anywhere for very little cost, compared to the heavyweights, which require considerable investment and, at the time, an arena the size of a warehouse run by a television company. The first Antweight World Series was held in September 1999, and since then the robots have grown from fighting on tables with modified radio control servos for drive and armour available from stationery shops, to sophisticated, metallic-armoured powerhouses requiring a (still very portable) bullet-proof box to contain them.
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Team Picus currently run three antweight robots, with many more making appearances in the past. Click on the buttons below to find out more:

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