Combat robots serve little purpose once built if they are not to fight, and although informal fighting happens in car parks, cul-de-sacs and kitchens all over Britain, formal events are arguably where the best battles take place. Although they have their roots in the sold-out audiences and slick television production of the original Robot Wars, modern live events - particularly in the lower weight classes - are run just as much for the roboteers as they are for the fans, and the sense of community and camaraderie is such that the lines between the two are often blurred.

For the antweight and fleaweight classes, the main European event is the Antweight World Series, held three times a year in venues around the British Isles and occasionally the wider continent, but due to the ease of organising events there are numerous others of varying formats. The best way to find out about current and future events is to keep an eye on the RW101 forum, at

Team Picus has been attending and competing at live events since 2009; here you can find photos and reports from all events from 2015 onwards, and - eventually! - selected events from previous years. Click on the buttons below to find out more:

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