Fleaweights - the smallest robotic combat weight class, defined in Europe as weighing a maximum of 75 grams and fitting completely within a three inch (76.2 mm) cube - arose not long after the antweight class did, but remained a peripheral interest until Jim Blunden, creator of Bruce, sparked a resurgence in popularity in 2010. The first "official" Fleaweight World Series was held coincident with Antweight World Series 34 in March 2011, by which time - like the ants - they had grown from being little more than two modified servos taped together to accommodating full antweight-sized drivetrains and weapons and being able to fight and beat the ants.
As with the antweights, for more information visit http://www.robotwars101.org/.

Team Picus run two fleaweights at present, with two more in the past. Click on the buttons below to find out more:

Catatonia Hide and Seek
Little Yellow Taxi and the chassis of