My roboteering career would not have been possible at all without the support of many, many wonderful people, of whom there are far too many to thank - you know who you all are - but I want to give special mention to Andrew Jackson, Barry & Jill McConnell, David Weston, Harry Hills, James Aylward, Josh Valman, Oliver Steeples, Peter Waller, Shane Swan, and Simon Windisch, all of whom have helped me morally and practically.

This website was created using WindowHTML, a freeware program developed by Jérôme Tremblay, with subsequent heavy modification and poorly coded CSS by Joey McConnell-Farber.
All photographs are by Joey McConnell-Farber unless otherwise credited, and additional artwork is provided by Martijn Benschop (the Team Picus logo) and Tracy McConnell-Farber (Gabriel pictures).

Britain The Fighting Robot Association is the main governing body for robotic combat in the UK, and home to the most active roboteer forum for featherweights and above.

Britain Serves the role of the FRA for antweight and lower weight classes, and hosts event and technical information as well as an extremely useful forum.

Britain England The go-to place for general electrical and hardware components, as well as some antweight sized gearmotors and fixings.

America Florida By far the biggest and best robot combat-specific store in existence - if you can justify the shipping cost, virtually anything can be found here.

Britain Wales Supply motors, wheels, mounts and electronics that are extremely well suited for antweights, with customer service second only to Micron.

Australia New South Wales Not be confused with the above, despite a similar product range - their selection is more combat oriented and represents the current cutting edge of antweight technology.

Britain England Sell lithium polymer batteries and small radio control components of great interest to antweight builders, with reliably fast delivery and excellent service.

Britain England From Middlesex University, supply a lot of interesting materials useful to antweight builders including carbon fibre sheets and fabric, polymorph, and test/tooling equipment.

Canada Québec Among many, many interesting and unusual things, stock titanium sheet and tube along with other metals and hardware.

Britain England Professional, friendly, and fast design and printing bureau, who supplied Team Picus stickers and other promotional printing.

Britain England Team BeligerAnt (R.O.N.N.Y., Shadow)

Britain England Epic Robotics (Void, Zenith)

Britain England Team Exterminate (Dynamite, Fast Dalek)

Britain England Harry Hills (Massacre, Killed In The Face)

Britain England Team Hell (Baby Hell, Stewie)

Britain England Team Invade (Spark, Gust)

Britain England Team Payback (DisobediANT, TruANT)

Britain England Team Picus (Jigsaw, Catatonia) (this website!)

The Netherlands Belgium Team RCC (Katjuscha)

Britain Scotland Rogue Two Robots (Kiss My Asimov)

Britain England Team Shock (Inertia, Tesla)

Britain England Team Snakepit (Death Adder, Sidewinder)

Britain England Oliver Steeples (Odyssey, General Mayhem)

Britain England Peter Waller (Aeolus, VariANT)

Canada Québec WindowHTML, freeware HTML/graphics generator used to create the basic framework for this very website. (Internet Archive link)

Britain England Excellent, helpful domain registrar and web hosting service that looks after this website among a host of others, including the Raspberry Pi project.